HTML 103: Time4Tables

Final lot of HTML and then it can be be dusted into the dust accumulating on my Nintendo Wii.

5,10,15,20… it’s Time4Tables!

As you signify the start of the body section by using the <body></body> tags, you use <table></table> for the table, around the table, whatever that table may be. Then use <tr> for row, and <td> for each column within that row. R for ‘row’ and ‘d’ for ‘column’, a long vertical structure you can link with ‘d’ in any way you see fit… Talking of, we always need a patriarchal head of the table, and a table header is <thead></thead> wrapped around the usual row and column format. As tea precedes every good meal at the table, t also comes before all table tags, like <thead>, <tbody>, <th> etc. Also, to have an overrarching title, within the <thead> tag, make another row but use ‘colspan’ with the number of columns you want ‘merged’ effectively. We have two columns so let’s merge two into something far more glorious. (Note the ‘border style’ bit is just a fancy garnish, maturing like a fine wine since the remorsefully distance past of HTML 102. You can do the reds, font-family stuff just as normal.)

<table border="5px">
<th colspan="2">Knighthood.</th>
<th>Header of first column.</th>
<th>Header of second column</th>
<td>Column 1</td>
<td>Column 2</td>


Great. Now we have got past the arduous family Christmas ‘table’ banquet, we must ‘div’ide and conquer the mulled wine. Here,

is short for ‘division’ and really allows you to set up different sections, or certain rooms for separating American and British relatives out of fear of conflict over ‘How Colour Lost ‘U”. Tragic.


Apart from that, you could even use divs for sidebars, menus and more!!! As earlier, they can even be clickable by using the tags.

 <a href=">


What if we want to split our <body> of food into smaller crumbs on the cyber plate, rather than leave crude amounts of Brussels sprouts glaring insecurely at your mouth. Techily, <span> can be used to wrap style attributes around single words or to inform CSS of your desire to make every second letter of every third sentence to be size 90 font.

<p>I want a <span style="font-size:2px>smaller font</span> for this baptism please.</p>

Now your minds have been cleansed with the pure and primary code that is HTML, our souls can rest well for another day.



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