HTML 101: tabs and tags


I promised daily and I faily but I dooly from now oki.

First and foremost, find something to write code on/in, (whichever preposition suits you). Windows users will be able to search ‘Notepad’ and use that but Windows 8 brought Code Writer so I suppose that is snazzier. I don’t know what Mac has but I doubt Mac users will read this blog so that’s diddly.

Right, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which means ‘text with links in it’ according to codeacademy. This is the basis of websites. However CSS came along to make them look prettier, but we’ll deal with that another time. For Pre-CSS just think 90’s or strange occult website and that is pure, unadulterated HTML.

As you write a letter and welcome the reader with pleasantries and sign off with pleasantries, you have to do a similar thing with code so that the reader (computer) knows that she is reading a letter (html) and not a poster (CSS). Later we can open the html in the webby browser which ‘renders’ (shows us) the file.

On the code writer you will probably have numbers 1,2,3,4… down the side. So to say hello to the computer, at the beginning put

1 <!DOCTYPE html>

2 <html>

3 stuff

4 stuff

5 information

6 stuff

7 </html>

That’s actually a pretty recurring pattern, having <b>stuff</b> and is the basis for most of what you will learn in HTML so a decent thing to remember! < > are called tags, and I suppose tag the ‘effect’ to the word. For example <b>word</b> would ‘tag’ the bold effect to ‘word’. You can have multiple tags, for bold and underlined for instance, but you have to make sure they are in the right order! (Like doing those complicated brackets when inputting a formula in an excel spreadsheet, because we do that all day long ofc.

Por ejemplo,

<b><u>I would like to conquer the cyber world and clench humanity from its robotic jaw by going Trojan!</u></b>

It’s not hard, you just have to remember the < and the / or you will suffer many tectonic frustrations.

Another one!







<p>Your glorious Shakespearean verse.</p>



(Above, <p> = paragraph; <h2> = Header 2 (ie. smaller than Header 1 but bigger than Header 3, but you knew that); <title> = document title (kind of thing); <body> = Where all the tragic magic happens.

Anyway I’m pretty tired right now so I shall leave you with that bunch of fun.

tabs and tags. That’s all there is to it.


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