A Ditz Learns 2 Code.

<>Hey there.</>

I’m a ditz, and I’m going to learn how 2 code.

I vaguely tittered around CSS and HTML last year whilst trying to format an eBook but, other than that, I am a total n00b. If you are in a similar situation of wanting to learn the language of the future (I highly expect, in a month or so, our hair will frazzle into broadband wires, our corneas be made of Google Glass and we’ll sport a stylish USB) and are not currently in the aforementioned naturally cyber state, THEN you may be interested in following my blog. I have promised myself – and now your kind selves – that I shall make daily posts throughout the summer to kick my lazy behind into semi-action. I’ll begin with HTML and CSS, with a little help from my codeacademy.com friends. Potentially we could code our own wordpress themes #TrèsIndividual.

I don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to do. But, together, we can make it through.




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